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District departments of health care

1Health care department Holosiyivskyi district state administration(044)259-86-5701001, Kyiv, Holosiyivskyi blvrd, 59а
2Health care department Darnytskyi district state administration(044)564-91-3702068, Kyiv, Koshutsya street, 11
3Health care department Desnyanskyi district state administration(044)530-862-9, (044)532-28-2002232, Kyiv, Zakrevskoho street, 81/1
4Health care department Dniprovskyi district state administration(044)512-23-84, (044)517-58-8602002, Kyiv, Lunacharskoho street, 5
5Health care department Obolonskyi district state administration(044)418-64-0704210, Kyiv,Layosha Havro street, 26
6Health care department Pecherskyi district state administration(044)529-32-17, (044)528-40-5201001, Kyiv,Pidvysotskoho street, 4а
7Health care department Podіlskoї district state administration(044)417-22-28, (044)417-02-8204070, Kyiv, Voloska steet, 47
8Health care department Svyatoshynskyi district state administration(044)402-51-3203134, Kyiv, Symyrenka street, 10
9Health care department Solom'yanskyi district state administration(044)207-09-4003020, Kyiv, Povitroflostkyi avenue, 41
10Health care department Shevchenkivskyi district state administration(044)234-40-24, (044)234-65-1501030, Kyiv, B. Khmelnytskoho street, 24