"That to do when did a man die?" - necessarily to viewing

Useful information about funerals

It is important to know!

  1. According to the Regulations, approved by Ministry of Health of September 8, 2006 №545, Acts confirming death and death certificate are available FREE on-demand;
  2. Dressing, wash, make-up are free (there are exceptions). When ordering, ask for a check payment;
  3. In accordance with Article 25. Law of Ukraine "About the funeral," cost of grave digging is included in the amount paid by check;

For questions, please call: (044) 229 31 54 (lawyer), (044) 278 41 91 (GUOZ), 1551 (CPDA).

Regarding the paperwork, contact toll-free number of our company: +380(67)996-60-77.

What to do when a person has died?

  • Call emergency:
    Do not be deceived by emergency officials - ordering of the machine and transportation services are free, under the relevant law.
    If the deceased during his lifetime was registered with a doctor and he spent watching, you have the right to leave his home. Do not believe, if emergency officials claim otherwise.
    About fraud of such staff, please contact the relevant authorities (Ministry of Health, CPDA, etc.).
  • Call the police:

    Report on the removal of the body to the morgue by the specialized transport. The service is free.

  • Call ritual agent;
  • Before the ordering of funeral services, analyze the market and prices;
  • Rates in pathology departments are not approved:

    Storage and preparation of the body are free. Exception - Bureau of Forensic - Medical Examination (st. Greenhouse, 9 and ul. Peter Zaporozhets, 26), where you must get a receipt after payment.

The company «Edemus» provide you with all the necessary organizational legal advice.