"That to do when did a man die?" - necessarily to viewing

What to do, if death occured at home

If you faced the death of close person at home, you should do the following:

  1. Call the police (102); District inspector should do the record of body exam.
  2. Call an ambulance (103); Ambulance doctor should make a death statement certificate
  3. If person was often ill or usually visited the doctor for the last two years, district doctor will make a certificate basing on existing diagnosis and order# 545. Exeptions are the cases of deathes on the street or at the place of job. In this case police and forensic experts are needed. This is also applied for people, sick with tuberculosis and Chornobyl' breakdown liquidators.
  4. If you have close persons in age, or ones who are seriously ill, you should have a phone number of the attending doctor to consult with him if necessary.
  5. If deceased person was no ill before, then forensic experts or detective is needed to make a death statement. They decide whether to transport body to the morgue (If the death was violent)

Death of the close person is always a great tragedy. Every human is experience psychological trauma. Despite this, every person deserves to be farewell with dignity.